Track Teen Driving Atlanta!

Youth Driving Safe provides GPS vehicle tracking equipment and GPS location service to the parents of first-time teen drivers in Atlanta . Our GPS tracking system harnesses the power of the GPS satellite network, cellular communications, the Internet and the personal computer. Youth Driving Safe provides low-costreal time GPS vehicle tracking which allows Atlanta parents to instantly monitor their teen's driving habits. At Youth Driving Safe we can help prevent your teen driver from making a mistake that might take a young life.
From the Youth Driving Safe - Atlanta Teen Tracking Site Parents can:
From your computer:
See vehicle speed, direction and location
View historical tracking information
Be auto/notified if your teen exceeds your predetermined speed limit
Be auto/notified when you teen enters/leave a specific area, e.g., school, restricted address/location
With available options:
Remotely lock and unlock doors
Remotely disable ignition
TeleSpeak . . obtain vehicle speed, direction and location with a phone call
Tracking site tutorial
Atlanta Parents with First-time Teenage Drivers
Don't worry about your first-time drivers. With Youth Driving Safe, know where your first-time driver is now or has been. You'll be notified immediately by text message to your cell phone when your first-time driver goes over your specified speed limit. You will receive immediate notification when your first-time driver takes their vehicle to an area that you have restricted, e.g., a section of Atlanta, or a particular location.
You will be notified via email message to your cell phone.
Parents, with the Youth Driving Safe Parent/Teen Driving Contract you can set guidelines and contractively agree on how to monitor and regulate your teen's driving.
Download the Parent/Teen Driving Contract (PDF) »

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